we’ve taken great pride in partnering and assisting with hundreds of businesses in helping with their marketing and advertising goals.

Faris Outdoor Advertising, Inc. is a Texas based and Texan owned billboard company that was begun in 1984 and has been in continuous operation since then. We operate billboards in Texas and Arkansas with most of our locations located in North Texas and Southwest Arkansas.

The majority of our customers have been clients with us for many years and we think we know the reason for that.   First and foremost, we work really hard to match the right billboard display with the customer so that it makes them money. After all, as nice and efficient as our staff is at FOA, if the advertising display is not effective and profitable for our client, they’re not going to stay with us for the long term.  And that’s our goal….many happy long term customers.   But it sure helps if the service provided to our customers is second to none.  We treat our customers the way we’d want to be treated and as long as we do that, we’ll have happy successful customers!


Billboards are there ALL THE TIME!   Outdoor advertising never gets turned off, muted, or clicked away from.  With billboards you have the ability to have your display viewed up to 24 hours per day.


Billboards are ideal to create brand awareness.


Billboards on average cost less than TV, Newspaper, and Radio ads. On average, billboards have the lowest “cost per thousand’ of any conventional media.


With billboards, you have the ability to customize your ad location and ad content to reach the specific target market most beneficial for your business.


Billboards are typically one of the last messages a consumer sees before they make their purchase.

The process is simple. Start by calling us at


Our work is literally seen by millions! Here’s a sampling of our most recent billboards.



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“George and team have a been a pleasure to work with. They are always timely, willing to listen to customer concerns, and on the look out for ways to benefits us and our clients.”
Alex Ludwig, The Moran Group
We have had billboards with Faris Outdoor Advertising and worked with George Faris for many years. Their service is always outstanding and they are so responsive and helpful to anything we need done. They have even helped us a couple of times by referring us to someone else who could help us on something they could not do. It is always a pleasure working with them and we are pleased to recommend them to anyone who needs their services!
Jane Ford, John Askew Homes