We have graphic design assistance for our clients at no charge.  We can either create your campaign design from scratch, or simply tweak what you’ve already developed.  Either way, the turn around time from concept to installation is really really fast.   We can typically assist with everything from obtaining logos and co-op ad funding documentation, to coaching you thru basic design concept and final proofing.  In all cases, effective outdoor ads have several common characteristics:  ads are simple, photos if used are not cluttered,  wording is usually limited to around 6 to 8 words and colors have good contrast.



For efficiency and best production results we suggest the following artwork file specifications:

Adobe Photoshop: 300 dpi (min) CMYK (.tif, eps, psd w/layers if possible). Scale at 1/4 inch = 1 foot or 1/2 inch =1 foot.

Adobe Illustrator: 300 dpi (min) CMYK, .ai, .eps, or high res .pdf, convert all type to outline, link or provide any support files. Please scale at 1 inch = 1 foot.

Freehand: 300 dpi (min) CMYK, .fh, .eps, convert all type to paths, link or provide any support files

For more detailed information please contact our office and we’ll help with heavy file uploads.